QVI is a boutique business and brand consultancy.

We most commonly collaborate with founder- and family-owned enterprises, ranging from nascent ventures to large, complex entities. QVI focuses on financial services and real estate companies but has significant experience in advising clients across a broad range of industries.

QVI, represented by its Founding Principal, also supports promising companies and other types of organizations through board- and advisory-level participation.

Founded in 2010 in New York City, QVI has been domiciled in Zurich since 2017.

Bespoke solutions at the intersection of business and brand strategy

Our services to advise and support business owners and their senior leadership include:

  • the creation and long-term value enhancement of brands and other intangibles;
  • the ideal positioning of an enterprise, product or service;
  • the development of business cases and models;
  • the coordination of complex projects and numerous stakeholders; and
  • the contribution of an outside perspective to challenge established thinking.

To discuss a potential collaboration, please write to