We are an agency that specializes in the creation of brands and consults on challenges at the intersection of business and marketing.

Identity Is Everything™

In a global marketplace where products and services are becoming less differentiable, your brand will become more important than ever. Identity is tied to our perception of self and how others perceive us. – You can manage perceptions by creating, modifying, and improving your identity.


Insight, advice and solutions at the intersection of business and marketing.

In addition to brand-focused consulting, QVI also accepts brand management and audit assignments. For example, a Head of Marketing may wish to engage QVI to help manage complex agency relationships or internal marketing teams, conduct audits or accompany a brand launch.


QVI Ventures’ mission is to identify and support promising media and media-related companies through financing, services and general partnerships.

Please contact us, if you would like to discuss an opportunity in either Switzerland or the United States.


QVI is specialized in B2B assignments that require extensive customization and responsive service. Clients range from SMEs to large conglomerates in diverse industries.

Specific client names and references are available upon request.