Identity is…

Create, preserve, evolve.

Know when, why and how.

Decipher identity: Internalize it. Be internalized.


Never too familiar, never too alien, always compelling.

Striking the right balance.

Reputation Asset Management

Identify strategic options and media solutions for critical events, such as the founding of a new company, a re-branding, or the legal protection of your media assets.

Integrated Branding

QVI’s Integrated Branding service offers you everything from visual identity design and integrated communications over media service sourcing to web development.


QVI Venture’s is dedicated to Place Branding and Foreign Direct Investment Promotion. Services include FDI advisory, lead generation and marketing.


QVI – Reputation Asset Management and Integrated Branding

QVI’s consulting services focus on the development of a strong visual identity that builds brand awareness and fosters brand loyalty for your company. We advise on and implement creative solutions that focus on Reputation Asset Management and Integrated Branding, including commercial communications, web and social media development, and the design of promotional and marketing materials. We consult on solutions that align with your company’s culture and ambitions, and take into account your industry, target audiences, key market locations, and available resources.

You can rely on QVI to execute your communications strategy in two high-value marketplaces. Founded in New York City, QVI is now headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. With a dedicated supplier network at your disposal in both locations, talent for your project can be sourced locally.


QVI Ventures specializes in a wide range of place branding and foreign direct investment promotion services that deliver results. Having a unique perspective on U.S. and Swiss/European business environments and being an integral part of the respective local business networks, QVI knows how to translate unique domestic selling points into internationally effective communications and offers FDI advisory, lead generation and marketing services.

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Principal Switzerland / Global, Founder (Zurich)
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Principal North America
(New York City)

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Identity Is Everything™

Identity Is Everything™

In a world where products and services are becoming less differentiable, your brand will become more important than ever. The visual identity of your brand leads the way ahead of your employees, processes, and products. It is quite literally the tip of the spear that creates an indelible impression through intrinsically striking naming, lettering, colors, and graphic symbols.

Identity Is Everything™. It’s tied to our perception of self and how we believe others perceive us. As it relates to brands, identity influences our interactions with clients, institutions, and the world at large. Although identity is an abstract concept, its manifestations and the ways in which it is exercised are often open to view. This gives you the power over your own identity – to create one, modify one, and improve one. Your company can actively manage its perception in the marketplace.

The formulation of an identity helps to define your brand. This is especially critical in today’s competitive global economy – marketing investment requirements increase as the market matures. A strong brand identity, communicated consistently across all applicable media channels, gives your company the chance to stand out.

QVI works with companies to develop the brand identity they aspire to and that aligns with the company’s culture, mission, and goals. QVI’s services – reputation asset management and integrated branding – allow you to take advantage of marketplace opportunities that shape identity, and in turn, foster loyalty to the brand.

Creating indelible impressions, managing perceptions, and standing out – it all leads back to developing a strong brand identity. Identity Is Everything™.

Branding Is a Process

Rigorous research and development is indispensable to ensure your brand meets expectations (see four requirements below). QVI’s clients benefit from a detailed five-phase process that begins with Project Research and moves to Strategy Definition, Core Design, Media Vehicle Creation, to Reputation Asset Management services. This process delivers consistently high quality media solutions.

Consistent application of QVI’s five-step quality process, customized to suit your project, provides your organization with a brand that satisfies and exceeds its four main requirements:

  • Guide
    Help the customer choose.
  • Assure
    Reassure the customer that he or she has made the right choice.
  • Touch
    Engage through imagery and language to encourage identication with your organization.
  • Retain
    Establish lasting trust, triggered by each interaction with the brand created for your company, products, and services.


Reputation Asset Management

QVI’s consulting and defense services, as part of Reputation Asset Management, guide you toward marketplace opportunities that shape brand identity and foster brand loyalty. Our services help you navigate the myriad media and representation options as you decide on how to spend your marketing dollars – during the formation process leading up to the creation of your organization’s brand, determining your media needs for a specific product or service, or legally protecting your media assets or assuming a representative function for you.

Benefits of Consulting with QVI


Common Scenarios

Integrated Branding

QVI’s Integrated Branding service offers you everything from visual identity design and integrated communications over media service sourcing to web development – all in support of the creation of a new brand, an existing brand’s redevelopment, or the media touch points required for day-to-day promotional activities. Integrated Branding services are done in conjunction with our Reputation Asset Management services or as stand-alone production engagements.

Visual Identity: QVI’s Core Creative Service

A visual identity is a system of graphic design applications and elements, normally starting with a logo or other symbol representing a company, organization or individual. Through QVI, you have access to a design agency that understands how to craft an effective visual identity and will update it as your organization evolves.



Place Branding and Foreign Direct Investment Promotion

QVI offers evidence-based strategy advice on sectors, markets and operational effectiveness. Having a unique perspective on U.S. and Swiss/European business environments and being integrated in a number of American and Swiss business networks, QVI provides clients with industry reach and access to influencers and sector organizations.

Lead Generation

QVI offers national and regional Governments direct representation in the U.S. and Switzerland for recruiting international investments and for outreach campaigns including representation at international trade shows, events and missions. QVI’s lead generation process starts with an agreement on international campaign strategy and the definition of investment project objectives.

Marketing Services

Drawing on the experience of more than a decade of successfully creating marketing products across different sectors, QVI knows how to translate unique domestic selling points into internationally effective communications. QVI understands the needs of relevant target audiences and ensures effective marketing campaigns across appropriate channels.

FDI advisory services

Lead generation services

Marketing services

QVI GZA Greater Zurich Area
QVI & Greater Zurich Area

QVI is under assignment by the Greater Zurich Area AG (GZA) to operate and promote its services in the North American market. With its bi-national focus, QVI Ventures provides the ideal platform and service line for location promotion agencies and similar organizations doing business in the U.S. and Switzerland.

GZA is the official investment support agency of Switzerland’s economic center. The organization assists companies with their Global evaluation and integration into Switzerland. GZA is a public private partnership and acts as a not-for-profit without bias both as a partner on behalf of its cantonal and local partners in Switzerland when it comes to international location competition. – Learn more about GZA at

Clients & Case Studies


QVI is specialized in business-to-business assignments that require extensive customization, responsive service, and a clear understanding of end-clients who tend to be hard to reach.

Most of our clients are professional organizations serving peers or a well-defined customer segment. They range from small and medium sized enterprises to large conglomerates in diverse industries including: Location Promotion and Diplomacy; Finance; Industrials and High-Tech; Healthcare; Culture and Education; and Real Estate. Many have global offices in QVI’s core markets, the U.S. and Switzerland.

Specific client names and references are available upon request.

Case Studies

If you are interested in one or all of the following case studies, and are not already a QVI client, please contact us with a brief introduction and query. Serious prospects will be given access to the case studies section. We look forward to making your acquaintance.

 Location Promotion & Diplomacy
 Culture & Education
 Industrials & High-Tech


Connect with QVI – Each assignment is unique and requires a customized approach. When you contact us to discuss a project our first priority is to listen, assume your perspective, and make strategic recommendations. Together we will determine the best media solution for your business, products, and services and transform each challenge into an opportunity. Please send your query to

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